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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So You Think You Can't Sew?

One of the first questions I ask people when they want to learn how to sew is "What would you ultimately like to sew?" The answer to that question serves as a road map for their lessons. I want to teach people to make what they want to make.

When I received an email from a non-sewist, wanting lessons to achieve her goal of making an authentic Wonder Woman costume, I didn't sugar coat my reply. It wasn't going to be easy but, if she was game, so was I.

Let me point out a few things here. There is no pattern for this costume. It's made with fabrics that are difficult to sew. It includes techniques that no beginner, and many experienced sewists, ever even try. We began our lessons on September 19 and this costume was needed by Halloween. Oh, and the student didn't own a sewing machine so all sewing would be done during our lessons. We should have tied our hands behind our backs just to make it even more challenging.

End result? Well check her out and let the picture speak for itself. (Her identity is being protected)

Wonder Woman Costume

The top is a corset pattern, complete with boning. Instead of laces in the back, though, I adapted it for a zipper. The pants? A "granny pants" pattern! Those aren't very easy to find, either. The stars are purchased appliques and all of the gold work was cut out by the student who copied it from the original, worn by Linda Carter. It was all sewn on by hand.

I was duly impressed with this accomplishment and the fast pace at which someone was able to learn and execute such an ambitious project. Isn't this impressive? Can you believe in less than a month, someone went from never having sewn to creating this costume?


  1. It is SO NICE to know that there are people such as you, Maureen, who love to sew. I grew up sewing and still do (mostly quilting). I even got my bachelor's degree in 'textiles and clothing' in order to work in the fashion industry. I just wish that I could sew as well as you do! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Roz! I didn't realize you are a sewist also. I, indeed, am enjoying the season and hope you are too.



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